Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's So On

It's 10pm, I'm exhausted. I've just had a house guest and another friend from New Hampshire visiting. After dropping them off at the airport, I raced home so I could get in my 20 minutes of exercise in so I wouldn't lose my points.

Today was Day 1 of the Game On Diet and it was amazing and fun. It was especially challenging because three of my meals were at a restaurant. So not how I wanted to start this off, uphill battle and all, but my hands were tied to an extent. Which really just means I need to clearly work better at saying no more. Blah blah blah, I know.

But it wasn't that bad. At breakfast I ate egg whites for the first time in my life. And was happily surprised to realize they didn't totally suck. I also had a side of fruit and 1/2 a piece of whole wheat bread- dry of course. Topped this all off with a green tea. My poor unsuspecting friend thought I was "so LA" with the green tea, so I'm sure he thought I was a goner when I got egg whites. Little did he know, I was just trying to kick ass and win some dough.

Lunch was also out, but I ordered a salad at Baja Fresh and managed to only get the grilled chicken and romaine. Saying "no thank you" to the cheese and tortilla strips was slightly painful, but I get it here. I'm working on becoming a much healthier person. So I instead opted for balsamic vinaigrette and mango salsa on the side.

Dinner was sushi, where I had tuna and yellowtail sashimi. And opted to use my 100 free calories on freaking soy sauce. What is this world coming to that I use those precious calories for soy sauce!? Whatever, it was worth it.

I'm looking forward to getting at least seven hours of sleep tonight. I'm hoping Clancy will stop being an ahole and let me sleep. He's been getting in the habit of pestering me with constant whining in the morning alerting me to the fact that he would like to eat. Immediately. And it's really irritating. Plus I'm crabby cause I'm not sleeping well. Enough of the complaints already, Molly.

I managed to not look on any gossip sites today. So I've successfully dropped my bad habit at the end of day one, and it feels good to be able to say that. I caught myself many a time at the ready typing in one of the many lame ass loser sites I would check out. And I just shook my head and smiled and though, "I have many many better things I can be doing with this time."

Now that I've crammed my mandatory workout into the day, I'm taking Mr. Clancy Corridan-Fast for a quick walk around the block and I am getting in bed with my journal so I can add those 10 points to my scorecard for the day and successfully implement my new habit during day one.

Great start!


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