Monday, February 2, 2009

Week 4 2009 in Review

I didn't have the best week as it turns out. Once I fall off the wagon, even just a little bit, it's hard for me to get back on track right away. So I struggled a bit, ate out more than I wanted, filled myself up with crappy foods and then before I knew it, I felt myself going in a direction I really wasn't hoping to be in this early in the year.

So today I woke up, I worked out first thing, I set my goals for the day, ate my three meals at home, just caught up in my food journal and am now here, on my blog, being accountable for what happened last week and moving forward with a commitment to make this an even better week.

What went wrong last week? A few things:
1. I ate out when I knew I really shouldn't. Eating out for me spells trouble. I just can't order properly and I shouldn't do it. But I did, and I had a hard time making the right decisions. So, no going out to eat for me (except for sushi this Friday) for a little while.
2. I allowed myself to eat because I was stressed. As I mentioned in my last post, my mother-in-law didn't end up having surgery, and I accompanied her and my father-in-law to two doctor's appointments to find out what her next steps were. In between the visit with the radiologist and the oncologist, I went to The Counter and split a burger, fries and a shake with Susannah. Then on Friday, I met up with friends at the Speak Easy because I had a long day. I had done so well, but said that it was okay for me to go out and have a beer. I deserved a drink. Although I didn't end up drinking much, I then went out of yummmmmy ribs and topped off my night that way. At that point, I knew that the weekend was going to be hard and although I still worked out, and ate some meals at home, I couldn't exactly reign myself back in. (Until today).
3. I abandoned my daily goals/intentions. For the past three weeks, I've started each day writing on an index card my goals for the day- both personally and professionally- so that I had some guidance throughout my day. It's been hugely helpful for me, but I noticed that as soon as I abandon that, it makes it that much easier for me to stray.

As far as good news goes though, there is some.
1. I have worked out Saturday, Sunday and today.
2. I updated my food journal and even wrote down all the not so healthy foods I've eaten. This is a big things for me. I usually just abandon the writing of the food once I start eating poorly.
3. I ate all three meals at home today.
4. I'm writing on my blog and being totally honest with my stumble.
5. I'm getting back up and going again.

Tomorrow I need to find the time to do some shopping, but overall, I'm feeling good about getting back into the swing of taking care of myself, treating my body well, eating healthfully and working out. I know that I feel so much better and can handle life much better when I take care of myself in that way.

Goals for this week:
1. Eat all meals at home, except for one sushi meal.
2. Workout 5x.
3. Blog 3x.
4. Get to a spin class.
5. Have a Molly date.

My mother-in-law's first appointments for treatment are on Wednesday, work is picking up, I'm feeling pinched for time- all in all, I can tell it's going to be a challenging week. The best thing I can do is truly take care of me.


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