Monday, January 12, 2009

Week 2 Goals

I was a little anxious tonight when I solidified my goals for week two. Which I'm taking as a good sign. It means I'm going to have to work hard this week to make them happen. And I'm okay with that.

So here's what's on tap for this week:
1. No Drinking- I actually went all last week without a drink and it was fine. Although I don't think I have a drinking problem, I do have an eating problem and when I drink, I tend to give myself permission to eat whatever I want and I can't have that going on right now. So, no drinking for another week.

2. No Eating Out. I'm really craving sushi right about now, and tonight I almost blew it, but thanks to my lover who went out and got salmon and other groceries to make dinner, we stayed in and we haven't broken our streak yet. So with that renewed sense of commitment, I'm sticking to the no going out to eat rule again this week. Especially because I'm going to NYC next week and I know it is unrealistic to think I can keep that up while I'm there. Sushi will have to wait until early February when I have a friend in town visiting.

3. Try Spin Class...Again. Spin class is guaranteed to kick my ass and I definitely need to work up some nerve to getting in a class. I know 100% that I will feel so much better once I do it, but it's so insanely hard and my friend is no longer the instructor, so it's a little intimidating. But, it's a goal of mine, and I'm hell bent on reaching these mini-goals, so it looks like I'm going to a spin class this week. If any of my friends in LA are reading this and interested in going, let me know :)

4. Get Out and Write- at least one night I will go to a coffee shop to do some writing. Time to catch up in my journal and on some letter writing. Plus, I like getting out of my apartment and being around other people.

5. Go to the Farmer's Market. One of the highlights of last week was when my team call ended early and we all agreed to step away from our computers. My twin had asked me to go and get her some clementines at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market and so I went and was totally blown away at the size of it- much larger than the times I've been on Saturdays. It was a great way to spend my lunch break- surrounded by good food and flowers and I got to be outside. I definitely plan on making this a regular thing for my lunchtime break.

So there are the five goals on deck for this week. I'm off to a great start already and feeling good about the week ahead.

One quick note. I had a loooooooong workday, but I realized last week that if I start off my Monday morning with a workout before starting to work for the day, it helps me stay grounded and gets my week off to a productive and helpful start with the whole working out and weight loss effort. So Susannah and I met along Ocean Ave. to do yoga while looking at the ocean.

Here was our view:

Not bad, huh? I love Santa Monica!


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