Sunday, October 5, 2008

North Carolina...I Love You!

So I've spent the last six days here in North Carolina and I've had such a great time. The first few days were spent in Chapel Hill for work meetings. It's always wonderful to get the opportunity to work in person with the people I spend most of the year hanging out with on conference calls while we're all scattered all throughout the country working together from our own separate offices. The days are draining because we fit so much in, but energizing as we collectively set our minds on the same goals and work on moving in the same direction.

I love the people I work with, and I'm not just saying that because many of them are regular visitors on here. But because I truly do. I can't think of anyone else I'd rather have the privilege of doing this kind of work with. Apart from the amazing work we all accomplish when we are together (and even when we're not together), they're all super fun people.

One of the highlights of the work portion of the trip was when we all crammed into my hotel room (all 10 or so of us) and watched the Biden/Palin debate. As an aside, I also fell in love with Biden a little bit that night too. His wonderful smile and how much his entire face lights up when he smiles? Swoon-worthy for sure! Anyway, it was just hilarious to be sitting around, drinking wine and beer, eating jelly beans, popcorn and s'mores in such fun company.

After the work meetings were over, my friend TG and I headed out to her neck of the woods on the coastline of North Carolina. And that's where I fell in love. The weather was perfect (epic, as my lover would say). The area is so beautiful and peaceful. It's not like the beach experience that I get living in California where you absolutely cannot escape people or the noises that go with living in such a highly populated and visited area regardless of the time of year.

The first night I was absolutely depressed about the size of TG's place. Four bedrooms, an amazing space with a front deck, a back deck, a downstairs office and separate living space...suffice it to say it kicks ass. That night I was also introduced to the Last Resort- TG's favorite local bar. It's tiny and so fantastic.

The next day we got up and after an interesting bite to eat, we explored the Carolina Beaches via a 4WD truck that we were allowed to drive on the beach! It was so peaceful and relaxing and a ton of fun. We got out and walked along the beach searching for shells, shark teeth, sea glass and other treasures. I loved loved loved it. Walking leisurely and lazily (is that a word? It is now), I just enjoyed exactly where I was feeling grateful for being in such a beautiful part of the country. Lately I've found myself wishing I was home more, and I really just enjoyed being exactly where I was and who I was with. It's been a stressful and travel filled couple of months (and will continue to be that way), but I was feeling very content.

At night it was super relaxing with a homemade meal and some Netflix. The whole trip has been really restful. Today we capped it off with a trip to Wilmington where I had the best breakfast sandwich of my life (seriously) and we ran into this guy we met at the grocery store last night (who we fought for chicken skewers with- it all worked out in the end).

Overall, while I'm ready to go home, I've really enjoyed North Carolina. Check out some pictures which has really captured this trip for me:


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