Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dingle to Cork

We got up early this morning so we could drive into Dingle before heading east to go to Cork. I was hoping that when I woke the sun would be shining and we would see the spectacular views that greeted us the evening before. No such luck. When we walked outside it was freezing, windy and rainy. And it was nearly impossible to see the rolling hills in the background due to the fog and cloud.

Before this trip I had read about Dingle as a way to do some research on what to do and see here and found it really interesting to read that Dingle was supposed to change their name officially to their Gaelic name. But Dingle residents totally didn't want to, made a big stink about it, and have kept their name. If you're at all interested, you can read about it here.

Dingle was absolutely adorable. We got there before most of the shops opened and walked around snapping pictures and seeing what it was all about. We had hoped if we waited long enough, more shops would open and that's exactly what happened. We got to stop at a woolen mill where I picked up a two new hats (three new hats were purchased in Dingle all together). I also saw a surf shop and that made me smile thinking about Steve and how excited he would have been to see it.

After leaving Dingle we went along the coastal route to head into Killarney for lunch. We stopped along Inch where we spotted some insane people surfing! It was a comedy of errors trying to get these pictures (for my Lover of course) because it was so rainy and windy. But it was well worth it!

From there we stopped in Killarney for lunch. We ended up at Buckley's where we dined with some of the locals and of course had some more Guinness.

After lunch we continued onto Cork where we stayed just outside the city in Doulgas. It was a low key night. We happened to be in town the same weekend as the Jazz Fest and didn't dare to venture into the city. Plus we were all pretty drained from the driving and the drinking and so after dinner we just came back to our houses and crashed.

It helped that we were completely ditched by my mother & Heidi who opted to hang out with our family friend Jen (who lives in Cork and set us up with our accommodations for the night) and get trashed.


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