Tuesday, August 5, 2008

30 Day Challenge- Day 6

Besides the kick-ass dinner I made for me and Steve tonight, the best thing I did today was to do my boot camp routine...outside.

When I was getting ready for my own wedding, I did try out this boot camp regime specifically targeted towards brides. I was asked to test this out for MB and happily accepted the challenge. Before I knew it, I decided to fully commit by not only buying the book and following the routines, but by signing up for some person 1 on 1 sessions with the person who wrote the book and created this specific program. It didn't work out in the end- the woman totally flaked on me, would not be there for our appointments (over the phone) and after a while I had a hard time feeling like I could rely on her. So I stopped paying her money and after a while, I stopped following the routine in the book.

But here's the thing, I really enjoyed the workout. It kicked my ass, pushed me beyond the limits of where I felt like I could go physically and I felt and saw the benefits of the exercises pretty easily and quickly.

Although my personal experience with Boot camp 360 for Brides was completely unimpressive, it continues to be a great workout. I've been wanting to get back into this for a little while and finally picked up the book and got myself to do it this week.

Susannah and I went to the circle and set-up a mat, my iPod and portable speakers, a resistance band and some weights. We opened the book and just went to it. An hour went by very quickly and by the end of it, I could already feel my muscles getting a little sore- a feeling I love and don't feel too often these days. It certainly helped to have the company (thank you Susannah!) and being outdoors was fantastic. I've included a few shots of what I got to look at while we worked out below.

Coupled with the biking and the nutritious meals, I've been feeling great. It's helped me power through the workday so much better. I'm hopeful that this will be easy to keep up!

The palm trees we looked up at as we did a variety of exercises.

The circle where we did our workout.


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