Thursday, August 28, 2008

30 Day Challenge- Day 29

Only one more day left of my 30 Day Challenge.

The best part of my day and the kindest thing I did for myself was to relax and let loose at the Speak Easy tonight. I met up with Jigga and we spent some time planning our trip to Ireland. It's the first time that I've sat down with the intention of doing some revisions to the original plan. And it felt really great- and fun. Although I'm obviously still disappointed about the marathon that I'm not running, I'm still very grateful and excited for my trip to Ireland.

A few people had urged me to just revise my plans and not give up entirely on the marathon idea. And what I've come up with is to run 26.2 miles while I'm in Ireland. Clearly this is SO not the same thing, will force me back into running and to do a little bit each day while I'm roaming around the country that I love so much. Just the thought of running in Ireland makes me really happy.


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