Saturday, July 19, 2008

Assessing the Damage

Saturday was mostly a rest day for me. I mean I was on my feet- I kinda have to be just to move around and stuff- but I wasn't running, which I wasn't scheduled to do (until today). But I also didn't do my cross-training. I haven't actually been that good about the cross-training although I am using my bike more, which is good.

My foot has gotten worse. It hurts to put a lot of pressure on it, which means even when I'm walking I'm feeling some sort of pain. The other great thing is that I'm limping a bit, so I look like an idiot. Okay, maybe not an idiot, but at times, I can't walk all that well either.

Tomorrow's 9-mile run is up in the air and that makes me feel awful. Especially how proud and accomplished I felt after last week's 8-mile run (which interestingly enough, may be the cause for the stress fracture) and how important I feel it is to stay on track with my training.

So for now, I'm just taking it easy, hanging out with Amy, Katie & Steve and we'll just see what tomorrow brings me


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