Sunday, May 4, 2008

Week in Review- 5/4/08

Susannah and I ran four miles today! I literally cannot remember the last time I ran four miles. I would have to say it was probably somewhere around 1998. Yeah, 10 years ago! Crazy.

The week has been pretty good. I was a little concerned, especially since last week seemed to be touch and go with my sneakers giving me a really hard time. But I did a couple of things to take care of that:
1. I did go and see the chiropractor that Cyrena suggested and got fitted for a pair of orthotics. I ended up spending a lot more money than I had wanted to, but I'm also beyond the point where I'm willing to keep dealing with some discomfort because I don't want to put some money on the line. I loved Dr. Smith- super friendly, super nice guy who talked with me a lot about his visit to Ireland. My orthotics won't likely be ready for another two weeks, but I'm excited to get them back and see how much it changes my running comfort.
2. I attempted to return the Brooks that I purchased about three weeks ago, but they suggested I wait until I get my orthotics in and then get sneakers that fit those. Makes sense. So I had two pairs of sneakers that I've used previously and I tested those out on my runs this week. I ended up being able to wear the last pair I used before getting my new kicks. They caused the least amount of pain.

I'm still running through the shin pain, but it's definitely gotten better. And I have been good about icing and wearing the boot, so, I feel good about powering on.

Now, I had a pretty active week. I ran four times, went on one hike and a morning walk. It all felt really great. Hal had me do 2, 3, 2 & 4 and I did all of it. It felt really great to keep in this groove.

The 2-mile runs were the usual straight shot down Marguerita. What was great though this week is that I was able to get the runs in with much less walking and discomfort. And I could even keep up a very short conversation with Susannah. I usually just shrug or grunt, so really this is a big improvement- and finally one that Susannah can actually enjoy! My 3-mile run was something we did at 10pm on Wednesday. I was feeling motivated and wanted to get another run in. And I'm really glad we did. I really like running at night- most times I prefer it. I just don't trust myself to wait all day and run last thing- too many other things can come up that cause the run to go out the window. But it was a great run. I felt like I had a decent amount of energy and there was little walking involved.

And then there was today's 4-mile run. It was good. My game plan was to run a mile and then walk for two minutes. I was hopeful that would be all the walking I'd need and I was right. What was also cool, though, is that there were times throughout the mile that I really wanted to stop, but because I knew I was going to stop at the end of the mile, it helped me power on through. It was a great running day- cool and overcast- and by the time we finished, it was warming up and the sun was shining.

I feel great about my runs this week and I'm excited about what's in store for me (and Susannah) this week. I'm feeling stronger and stronger as each week passes. And I'm feeling more confident about just getting out there. It's not as much of a struggle to get out the door, just more so something I have to do. Which feels great.


Meghan Corridan May 5, 2008 at 6:25 PM  

i am really proud of you (and susannah). i can't wait to watch you cross the finish line in dublin.

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