Monday, May 12, 2008

Week in Review- 5/11/08

I've had a really great week on both the nutrition and exercise front. Getting back on the Double W wagon has been so helpful in terms of giving me some boundaries, cause let's face it, I needed some. As I mentioned in last week's Double W meeting review, I felt more ready and more mature to be on Double W and found that the week was not so much of a struggle for me. I felt like I did a great job balancing eating healthfully and not starving myself. It was also a great way for me & my lover to not eat out so much and spend more time at home, together, making some good food.

As far as the running goes, Susannah and I had another successful week of 2, 3, 2 & 4 mile runs.

We have a nice schedule going on and I really appreciate that she's out there running with me. I know that I wouldn't be as far along in my training if it wasn't for Susannah making the effort to run with me. Such a huge difference.

I have to say that I felt a huge shift last week. Not surprisingly, the combination of focusing on both food and exercise was really helpful. I definitely felt better, for the most part, while I was running. But I still can't wait for the time when I am not in any physical pain while I run.

My shin splints are still touchy. They hurt when I start out running and my sneakers aren't top notch. My plantar fasciitis isn't as bad as it has been, but I still feel it too. So anyway, I should be getting my orthotics in a week or so and I'm really anxious to get all of this figured out and get on the road to feeling good again.

All in due time, right?


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