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Week In Review- 4/13/08

In many ways, this has been the kick ass week that I need it to be. The plan, outlined by Hal last Sunday, was to run three 2-mile runs and one 3-mile run. I knew that would likely be a struggle for me since I had attempted to run two miles with Susannah and Jena a week or two ago and couldn't even do that entirely. But had it in my head that I would go out to do those runs no matter what, and if that meant walking, then so be it.

I started off the week by going on a 2-mile run near the apartment. The first run was a bit rough, but I was determined, as I was all week, to just get the distance in regardless of running or walking. I did that run on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Friday Susannah and I went for a late night run that actually felt great. I don't know if it's because I was pissed off and angry after the lame appointment to get our taxes done or if it was the weather or something else, but because we felt so good, I didn't even realize that we had logged in an extra 1/2 mile.

Yesterday was a kickass day that started off with a Hike to the Hollywood Sign.

I've wanted to do this forever and now that I'm being consistent with my California Adventures each weekend (or as frequently as I can go), I am so glad we went. It was me, Penny and Susannah. We got up early because of the insane heat in LA this weekend and tackled the hike before I burnt to a crisp. Me and my SPF 45 had a great time! It was a strenuous hike and a bit harder than I had anticipated, regardless of the fact that we "hiked" on a paved road for most of the uphill portion of the hike. All told it was about an hour and a half.

So today when I got up to run the 3-miler with Susannah, I was really excited. I had accomplished all of my workout goals this week, and then some. I had picked up a new pair of sneakers (Susannah too), but when I actually started wasn't that great. Today's run was probably the slowest and hardest of the previous three I did this week. Here's why I think it was so challenging:
1. I am still eating like crap. My body needs energizing fueling food that will help make running easier (I'm working on this in the upcoming week).
2. I have worked out a lot this week- more than I have in a little while. The hike yesterday kicked my ass and left me with legs feeling really tired.
3. The run started out uphill for the first 3/4 of a mile and as much as I had hoped I was ready to tackle that, apparently I wasn't. So, I'm not going to start my runs uphill until I've lost a little bit of weight and have been running a bit more. No need to make it harder on myself than is necessary, right?
4. New sneakers that need to be worn in a little. I'm wearing the same exact pair of shoes that I've been getting, but the newness of them caused my feet to be uncomfortable just a little bit.
5. Running on an empty stomach. I tried the Clif bar blocks, but they did hardly anything for me. Which was disappointing. I was hoping to get some energy out of those things, but I'll have to try something different for a boost of energy before my runs that doesn't give me any cramps.

I know I've just written out a list of all the reasons why my run was hard, but overall, I'm fine with it. I'm happy that I went out and did it at all and that this week was filled with five fabulous workouts. It's a step in the right direction.

Other reasons why this week was a success? I am back to wearing the lovely boot for my plantar fascitis (which, yes, is still bothering me). I'm being more consistent with that and I was feeling a difference in my feet after I started wearing it, so it can only get better from here if I keep using it. And one of the biggest things is that I sort of joined a running group. Have you heard of Meet Up? As they say on their site, you have an interest, you search for a group and then get matched up with a group of people who share a similar interest. Anything goes, really. So I put in a search for running in Santa Monica, and I'm happy to report that there's a Santa Monica running group that I joined. The only run they have scheduled (as of last night) was for a 15-mile run today that I am obviously not going to attend. But in the future, I can n whatever distance I want even if I'm not doing the full mileage others in the group are doing. Because I know it'll be easier for me to run if I have others to do it with, and people waiting for me, I signed up without any hesitation.

So that's my week. Up for the upcoming week is continuing with my running and expanding that to include doing an overhaul of what I'm putting into my body.


Nikee Pomper April 16, 2008 at 11:19 AM  

Thanks for the words of encouragement on my blog.

You are going to have a great race this fall!

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