Sunday, March 9, 2008

That's What I'm Talking About

So I stepped on the scale today and discovered that I lost 3.8 lbs. Fantastic and encouraging. I worked hard this week and figured out some new ways that I know I need to live my day to day life, especially when it comes to food, nutrition, health and exercise.

I started out my day weighing myself and then knew from there I would write up my food plans for the week. Knowing that I lost was really helpful because it showed that what I did last week was working. So I sat down and wrote out my weekly food plan and then wrote down a list of challenges. They are:

1. Meghan & Rob visiting.
2. Limiting eating out.
3. Not drinking too much.
4. More exercise.

When you have visitors in town, it's almost a given that you'll eat out more. And as I learned this week, I absolutely must cut back (almost completely) the meals I eat out. I just have to, it's not good for me and trying to lose weight. So they arrive late Thursday night, which means in this week there's Friday & Saturday where I need to be careful. It's certainly not a challenge that I can't overcome, but one I do need to be aware of.

My sisters and I love to drink and have fun together. But the point of Meghan's visit really is to spend St. Patrick's Day with one another- it's like our Christmas, but better! So I have to keep that in mind and save my drinking for 3/17. I can do it.

And then finally, this week I only worked out twice. I'm not going to lie, the running has been a bit of a struggle for me. Getting back into it has been difficult. I ran a mile yesterday and it literally hurt towards the end- not my body, not my shins, nothing like that- just my breathing. It was hard. But I powered on after a very brief walking break and even did a set of the famous Santa Monica stairs.

First I went down the concrete ones- I think these are harder then the wooden set. Their closer together and obviously since they're made out of concrete, they don't "give" as much.

I walked to the next set of stairs, and continued up this set. I think these are easier.

They are easier, but the workout is still a bitch. It's just hard.

But of course, it felt really great afterwards.

So I am confident that if I pick up the workouts and continue to eat the way I did last week, I will see great results.

It's been a while since I've felt motivated and excited, but I am feeling just that. And I'm going with it.


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