Friday, December 7, 2007

Race #2 Tomorrow

Tomorrow I'm running in the Santa Monica/Venice Christmas Run with my friend Cyrena. I'm excited to run another race. I have two goals this time around- to run the whole thing and to beat my time from my first 5k. I haven't run three miles in I don't know how long. The cool thing is that during my last race, the most I had ever run leading up to that for my training was a mile. This time around, I know I can run two miles, and I've done that about four or five times now. And I'm scheduled to run my first three mile run tomorrow according to the training schedule that Hal put together for me. So...I'm hopeful!

The biggest thing I'm annoyed with right now is that I procrastinated so much on getting a new sports bra that when I went to Lucy today to get one, they kindly informed me they're not selling them in their stores anymore because they "didn't do anything for them." It's frustrating because I really needed/wanted to get one before this race. I feel like one of the biggest challenges I have with my running is that my sports bra feels like it's cutting off my breathing. I feel like endurance wise I could keep going, my legs aren't tired or anything like that, it's just that I almost feel like I'm gasping for air. Anyone out there reading this, is this normal? Do YOU think it's because of my sports bra or what? I try to consciously work on my breathing, so I really don't think it's because I don't know how to breathe. Which is why I really thought I needed a new sportsbra. The other reason it's frustrating that Lucy decided not to carry bras in their stores anymore is because I obviously need to try it on to see if it's going to work for me or not. So now I have to go ahead and place the order online and see if I'm lucky.

I know I know, if this is my biggest problem in life, I'm in good shape and really have no reason to complain. I'm just saying, I'm annoyed.

In good news though, besides the fact that I'm running in another race tomorrow, I ran a mile last night and I think it was the fastest mile I've ran since I started training. 11:54. I'll take what I can get people. I'm fighting the urge right now to be hard on myself for how long it takes me to run a mile, but I'm not giving in. It takes time. I'm getting out there and putting in the distance. I have to go easy on myself.

This is a long process.

I'll report back tomorrow after the race!


Rita December 11, 2007 at 2:13 PM  

Hey Molly -
I sort of have the same problem when I run - my legs feel like they could keep going but my breath feels like it's running out. Sometimes I start to feel sick to my stomach too. How are you keeping hydrated? I've sometimes noticed that when I'm really well hydrated before I set out that this happens less, but I'm not sure there's an actual correlation. Or could it be that it will take a while for your lungs and heart to get as strong as your legs? I've wondered that about myself too. Or it could just be the bra...

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