Thursday, November 29, 2007

Night Running

I love running at night because when you live in a place like Los Angeles, it's almost impossible to feel alone. Of course you can feel lonely in a big city like LA, but feeling alone...almost impossible. Running at night also happens to remind me of when I lived in New Hampshire and I was completely into running and did it without thinking and with complete ease and could go outside after 10pm and run four miles like it was nothing.

I've been missing New Hampshire a lot lately. I saw a picture of our old house and it made me sad.

So tonight when I was out running a mile, I saw almost no one, the night air was chilly and for just a second I could close my eyes and I could have sworn I was back in New Hampshire.

Running report- 1 mile in 12:15. Breathing was definitely winded and difficult. Felt stiff and lethargic. But I did it and after 10pm at night!

As a total aside, I went to see Enchanted tonight and it was a really good movie. I know I know, yes it's a kids movie, but it was good and made me smile the entire time. Judge me if you want, but see for yourself!


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