Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another 2-miler

I got right back out there today...and I have to say that I had no shin pain at all! I've already used my contraption twice and is it really possible to see a change so quickly? I'm just going to go with it and pray that it continues to improve!

The first 1/2 mile felt really great. I was able to keep up a pretty good pace for the first 1 1/2 miles but I definitely slowed down and got super sluggish in the last 1/2 mile there back up Montana Ave.

My mom was in town visiting for Thanksgiving and we had a great visit. For the first time in as long as I can remember I was able to tell her very honestly about my relationship with food and not feel like she was judging me or missing my point entirely. It was interesting hearing her talk about food- how she was being bad because she was eating bad foods, how it was alright for her to eat a certain way because she was on vacation, how the South Beach Diet really works for her...More than anything though, I really appreciated the opportunity to have an open and honest conversation with her about what I'm doing and why and to walk away from it feeling like she does finally get it.



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