Saturday, November 10, 2007

2 Miles- Boo Yeah!

First of all, how fun is it to say boo yeah? One of my favorites...I cannot tell a lie.

Secondly and really most importantly, I completed my first two mile run today. The good news is I finished all of it and didn't walk at all! I mapped out my route last night and basically ran a straight shot all the way down to the ocean. The route had a slight decline for a lot of it, but what I want to focus on is that I finished and I didn't stop at all.

My breathing felt pretty good today. I'm not overly concerned about my pace right now. I figure why worry about too many things right now? For me, all I want is to complete the required mileage. I have a week between my next two mile run and I'm already looking forward to it. That's a great sign, right?

The schedule is feeling good but I have to be honest and say that my stupid shins are feeling a little touchy at the beginning and after my runs. I came home today and put ice on them right away. I'll take some Advil tonight and I'll continue to do both of those things. I have two days off until my next run (only a mile). Wait...did I just write only a mile? Ha. Anyway, I was saying, I'm on it. I'm taking care of myself the best what that I can without stopping running all together. I really don't want to have to stop running because of stupid shin splints, so I will monitor this closely and do what I can to try and ward these things off.

Tomorrow I'm going down to see the 3-Day in San Diego. It'll be the first (and only and last) event I see this year and I'm really anxious to see some of my co-workers and to see the event. It always inspires and moves me to see so many people putting themselves through such a difficult physical challenge all to make life easier for people who have been personally touched by (breast) cancer. It's always a good wake-up call to see how easy we have it.

A few random things I wanted to comment on:
1. I'm sick of running in cotton t-shirts. I'm officially on the hunt for some good running shirts made out of material that is light and helps my body stay cool.
2. I'm still looking for some good music recommendations. Let me rephrase that- I'm always looking for good music recommendations for working out. So keep the suggestions coming!
3. I've been doing really well lately with the eating aspect of all of this. I'm feeling great about where I am with that and continue to take it day by day.
4. I definitely feel like I've been losing weight. Some of my pants are getting looser on me which is a great feeling.

And I'm out.


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