Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tomorrow is the Day!

Tomorrow is my first official training run for the marathon. Hal finally came through (it only took two reminder calls and me emailing him a template for him to fill out) and faxed me my training schedule through the end of this year. When I talked with him yesterday he told me to get in three two-mile runs this week. I knew that would be hard for me to do since I can only run a mile without stopping and the last thing I want is to start this training off by feeling bad about what I can't do.

Luckily when I received Hal's training plan, it has me starting out nice and easy with 1-3 miles between now and the new year. In fact, my first 3-mile run isn't until December 8th, which just happens to coincide very nicely with my next 5k.

So tomorrow it first training run! Starting out nice and easy with one mile.

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